Stockee Smart Shelf

Designed and manufactured in Australia the Stockee Smart Shelf works on the KISS principle – simple in all aspects yet powerful to help you manage your inventory.

With every bin location monitored individually you can be sure to not run out of stock. It doesn’t matter if you are managing lightweight electronic components, aviation components, mining spares or healthcare supplies, the Stockee smart shelf can cater to your needs.

Built to last, the Stockee Smart Shelf features a durable custom steel framework that is protected by a heavy duty powder coat. The patented unique design allows to maximise space above each bin location to accommodate more inventory than any comparable storage system without sacrificing the reachability of product.

The industrial 360 degree castor wheels allow the Stockee Smart Shelf to be relocated at a moments notice to allow for cleaning underneath or storage location changes.

Customize your Smart Shelf with additional equipment, like the Stockee Smart Hooks or a wall tether to keep your smart shelf stable even when you are in earthquake prone zones

Key Features Specs Bin Sizes
24/7 Stock accuracy
100% customizable
KISS principle
- easy to set up
- easy to re-configure




# of shelves


50/60 Hz


5 / 6 / 7
plastic Containers
100x400mm - max. 10Kg
200x400mm - max. 15Kg
200x400mm - max. 15Kg
600x400mm - max. 45Kg
1200x400mm - max. 90Kg

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