It is no secret that the mining industry has very specific requirements when it comes to compliance and reliability.
AIM Inventory has significant experience with supplying industrial vending solutions to mining.
With installations across Australia, New Zealand & New Caledonia, AIM Inventory are the experts in remote support of the AutoCrib systems.

It all starts with a detailed assessment of the site needs and geographical restrictions. AIM Inventory will then tailor a package to ensure seemless rollout of a system which will deliver compliance, reliability and of course, cost savings.

Our highly experienced technical team understand the processes involved in safely implementing a system on your site with minimal interruption. We make sure all key personnel obtain the system training before we leave, thus completing the commissioning process.


How many times have you been interrupted from your daily routine with someone asking for some PPE or tooling?
Maybe you are the keyholder for the cabinet where all the high cost consumables are housed?
If this is you, have you ever stopped to think of the cost of each transaction?

Studies have shown that the average cost for a manager leaving his post to open a stores area with an employee
to obtain a restricted item is over $5 per transaction. If you do this 10 times a day, that is $250 per week!

AIM Inventory can show you how to own a system which will:

All this for less than the cost of those transactions!

Contact us today to find out how we can help you reduce your inventory costs!

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