AutoCrib® Vertical Lift Module

Reclaim Valuable Floor Space

The AutoCrib® VLM vertical lift module system provides up to 80% more inventory storage than traditional shelving and requires only 47 square feet of floor space. So you have more space for manufacturing, warehousing, kitting operations, shipping/receiving, quality control, office space, and more. You can save up to 1,400 square feet per 25ft VLM system vs. traditional shelving. That’s $14,000 saved per year at a conservative $10/sq. ft. warehousing cost.


It makes more sense to have the parts come to you. Workers don’t have to spend time walking the aisles going back and forth trying to locate items. Inventory can be retrieved quickly and routed in sequence to your order pickers. A single operator can run multiple vertical lift module systems virtually eliminating operator dwell time. You can see a sustainable 20-40% increase in picking productivity!

Unbeatable Value

Pay thousands less than competitive machines and still have a well-equipped vertical storage system. Our VLM system focuses directly on features that will dramatically increase your operational effectiveness with measurable results. We engineer the hardware and software to work together. So, you get great quality at an unbelievable price.

Inventory Control

With the most advanced technology for inventory management. AutoCrib® has a significant advantage over any other vertical lift module system. Our solution is more than just an automated shelf. You have item-level inventory management, advanced permissions-based access controls, and powerful reporting capabilities that provide managers with valuable and actionable information.

Industrial Vending Integration

Your new vertical lift system is already pre-integrated with our industrial vending machine product line. You don’t need to hire an expensive hourly consultant. Our comprehensive solution works right out of the box! This is a massively scalable platform that allows you to start small and grow aggressively with your manufacturing initiatives.

Easy to Learn

Easy to operator controls let you select products by tray, part number, or description. Items are automatically retrieved with the push of a button and trays are automatically returned back with your next selection. Your employees can hit the ground running without “tribal knowledge” of where items are located in your facility.

Greater Flexibility

Vertical Lift Module (VLM) systems offer more flexibility than other ASRS solutions. Unlike large ASRS systems that require a complete overhaul of the warehouse or production area VLM systems are modularized and easy to implement. This means you can easily integrate into an existing system or gradually expand your automated storage solution over different phases. The modular construction gives you the ability to change the units hight to meet future needs and protects your investment.

Inventory Accuracy

Get greater throughput with fewer mistakes. Eliminate frequent cycle counting and costly physical inventory shut-downs. Human error is the most common root cause of inaccurate inventory counts. Our automated solution systematically records every transaction. So, you always have up-to-date inventory counts.

Reduce Labor Costs

Preform the equivalent work-load with fewer employees in the tool crib or storage room. Your highly-paid experienced workers can be completely focused on the job. Increase throughput or extend business hours while maintaining the same number of employees.

Employee Accountability for Inventory

Advanced permissions-based access controls track warehouse transactions to specific employees. Employees take responsibility and take “ownership” for items. Control costs by employee or department.

Reduce Workplace Injuries

Enclosed storage reduces the danger of objects falling on employees. Items are presented to employees at a comfortable ergonomically correct workstation. Every item is in the “Golden Zone” with no need for employees to bend down, reach up, or climb. No forklifts of climbing ladders are required!

Clean Inventory

Prevent dirt, dust, and debris from accumulating over your inventory. Enclosed inventory stays cleaner and helps keep supplies, parts and tools in usable condition.

No Repackaging Required

Vertical lift storage systems are very flexible inventory systems. You don’t need any special bins or product carriers. You can use your existing boxes, totes, and bins!

High Reliability

It’s not complicated, it’s simple. Other companies love talking about the complex systems they have, but not us. Our patented full-width extractor for storing and retrieving trays is engineered to be remarkably simple. With fewer moving parts our system has outstanding dependability for long-term 24/7 operations and costs significantly less to maintain.

Enhance Your Image

Our modern automated industrial vending systems are an excellent showpiece for plant tours and customer walkthroughs. Today's customers expect best in class manufacturers to have automated solutions.

Vertical Lift Module Price

Looking for the most affordable vertical lift module system that doesn't skip on performance? Why buy a used vertical lift module when you can buy NEW for about the same price? Our vertical lift module systems provide lean inventory management for thousands less than competitive machines! Our well well-equipped vertical lift storage systems bring equal or greater floor space savings and inventory control of significantly more expensive AS/RS (Automated Storage Retrieval Systems) and vertical lift modules to you at a very affordable investment.

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