ToolRoom Station

Tool Room Automation - You can quickly and easily convert your manual tool room to a virtual dispensing machine, with AutoCrib Tool Room Station. Just designate an existing tool room, shelving unit or stores area as a tool room, using AutoCrib® Software. Install an AutoCrib Tool Room Station at the crib window — and now, employees perform the data entry using a touch screen. After the user selects the desired items, a receipt with bin locations is printed to assist the attendant or user in locating the items within the secured area.

Automate attended or unattended cribs or build a runner system.

Tool requests at remote locations.

You can also place Tool Crib Stations at various locations or remote work cells throughout a plant to create a "runner system". Users enter tool or supplies requests at the Tool Crib Station. The central tool crib prints out the order, and issues and delivers the requested tool by a runner (at lower cost), while keeping the operator at his work center.

Access control, cost and usage reporting, plus complete purchasing and receiving system.

Tool Crib Station uses AutoCrib® Software (web-based or client/server software). The software features an Intelligent Dashboard with key metrics visible at a glance on one screen. Over 200 reports are pre-loaded.

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