AutoCrib® Inventory Software

Turnkey inventory management that's both easy to use and powerful!
AutoCrib® Software has been designed to make it incredibly easy to manage AutoCrib®'s industrial vending machines and even your traditional tool crib or stores area. (How easy is it? Our "flat" design means your tool crib attendant or administrator won't get lost in layers of multiple windows to get the job done.)

The simple Issue/Return screens allow the attendant to quickly identify the item requested, and process the transaction with a minimum of mouse clicks. Further, the attendant can also transfer inventory from the tool crib to satellite cribs or vending machines, plus:

Intelligent Dashboard for key system metrics at a glance.

In today's world of report overload, it's often difficult to keep up. AutoCrib®'s intelligent dashboard compiles many reports into a simple, easy-to-use, color-coded screen that presents actionable data (where Red is bad, and Green is good). Just click on any chart and the system drills down and shows you exactly what needs attention (i.e., what items are in a stock-out condition and need to be reordered immediately). Of course, there are over 200 standard reports like:

What reports are available?

Tracking indirect expenses 200+ ways! Over 200 standard reports are preloaded into AutoCrib® software. You can run each report by selecting it from a simple menu. No more "inventory invisibility" or using the "peanut butter approach" (spreading costs across jobs) to job costing. Standard reports are available to answer these questions:

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