Fastener inventory management system.

Inventory management with small parts and fasteners is a pain. Purchasing departments are burdened monitoring low-dollar, high volume items. Inventory managers are forced into preforming labor intensive cycle counts or they counter productively treat them like any other inventory. To be successful with inventory management of fasteners and small parts you have to take advantage of automation so your people can focus on value-added activities. The ScaleMate® is the machine you need to get the job done right.

No manual counting of fasteners or having workers “guesstimate”

Most people want to be able to grab a handful of screws or washers without the hassle of counting each one. The typical drawer based systems on the market are horrible at doing this because they rely entirely on user to enter the exact number they are taking. When dealing with tiny parts and fasteners you will always get back incorrect issue quantities doing this and inaccurate bin counts, which ultimately cause overages and stock outs. Plus, it takes insanely long to count little parts and fasteners one by one.

The ScaleMate® solves this inventory problem once and for all! It does not rely on the user to give a count of what was taken. Also, it can detect when someone attempts to put something in the bin in an effort to change the issue quantity. Because the system checks to make sure the weight is divisible by the per piece weight assigned to that bin. If not, it will report bin contamination to the system administrator.

Eliminate waste with accurate fastener counts.

ScaleMate® lets you track exactly what you have in your fastener or small part inventory, and exactly what the demands are for every item. This enables you to you increase your inventory turns and reduce stock-outs. Dispensing exact amounts also prevents extra fasteners from being accidently dropped into assemblies.

Forensic lot traceability

Lot tracking just got better. When you deal with fasteners and small parts you’re usually handling multiple suppliers and lots. It’s inevitable that you will find yourself in the unfortunate situation of having a recall on a lot. The ScaleMate® system ensures every lot is physically compartmentalized. Users only have access to a single bin at a time and lot numbers are never commingled. Every transaction is saved! You can see when it was stocked, when it was issued, who it was issued to, what jobs it was issued for, and other information showing the entire flow of your inventory. This is extremely helpful because you can track where the defective lot went and contact those customers quickly and efficiently.

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