AutoCrib® RDS - Remote Dispensing System

The AutoCrib® RDS (Remote Dispensing Station) industrial vending machine is the most advanced helix-coil machine on the market. This industrial vending system is purpose built for high-demand industrial environments with up to 16.7% more product capacity than other machines on the market. The inventory management capabilities and software reporting is superior to any other advanced helix-coil machine you will find.

This machine is designed to increase accountability, improve productivity, and reduce consumption. No more suffering from crazy out of control excel spreadsheets or ERP systems that don’t reflect what you really have in your inventory. Industrial vending machines document inventory transactions automatically, provide secure inventory control at the point-of-use, and streamline purchasing with automated reordering. This will transform the way you manage your inventory.

Key Benefits

Industrial Vending Solutions

AutoCrib® manufactures industrial vending solutions for dispensing industrial supplies. Industrial vending machines are ideally suited for inventory management programs that require employee accountability of consumable inventory and returnable durable items.

Quick Scan

No more guessing what you’re selecting from the machine. Employees can issue items from the industrial vending machine with a quick scan! This built-in barcode scanner makes issuing items “point-and-click” simple. Tell the difference between items that appear identical by just scanning the one you want on the page.


AutoCrib® has developed a patented guaranteed delivery system that prevents stuck items. VendVerify is a laser-based system that will ensure products selected have been dispensed before decrementing inventory. If a product is not delivered than the machine will “jog” the motor incrementally until a successful vend. This means accurate inventory records are kept and only one item is dispensed per issue.


The RDS TouchVend has an optional user-friendly touchscreen and physical keyboard that expands the machines features and capabilities. This easy to use interface lets users search for products and get detailed information about items. Using the RDS TouchVend you can also add-on a secondary "slave" auxiliary machine to double the capacity of your system.


You can dispense multiple items in the same transaction.

Flexible Configurations

Select from a wide range of helix-coil sizes and configure multiple motors for large items. The shelf spacing is adjustable to allow for various heights. This industrial vending machine is easy to reconfigure to fit your changing needs.

Works with AutoLockers

You can add-on AutoLocker automated industrial vending lockers. Available in 10 standard locker sizes. Power and LAN optional. Custom lockers are available!

Upgrade Path

The AutoCrib® RDS is more than just an industrial vending machine it’s a system. This is a truly scalable inventory solution that is enterprise-ready. You can expand your industrial vending program with multiple machines and upgrade to advanced industrial vending machines from AutoCrib®. All of our machines have a familiar interface and integrate with our standardized inventory software.

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