IntelliPort® Lite

The economical and turn-key RFID portal.

The IntelliPort® Lite is a turnkey system of radio frequency identification (RFID) readers placed at a choke point, to track movement of RFID tags in and out of a controlled area.

The IntelliPort® Lite has been designed in both single and double door configurations making it a great choice for smaller store rooms and cribs. You’ll find the IntelliPort® Lite is the perfect solution for applications where a high number of items needs to be issued or where there are many large or bulky items. The system has the ability to manage smocks, uniforms, shop towels, gauges, fixtures, and other returnable items. It’s excellent for high traffic cribs because multiple employees can “shop” simultaneously which eliminates long lines at the tool crib.

The IntelliPort® Lite delivers the lowest cost per vended item in high-volume environments. The IntelliPort® Lite can vend and track an unlimited number of items with all different types, sizes, and shapes.

Gauge management inventory control

Physically stops users from leaving with gauges that are out of calibration. The Intelliport® Lite uses advanced gauge calibration software to track your gauges by calibration date, the number of days on the floor, the number of cycles it has run or any combination of these factors and more. It maintains a complete history of all your gauges to ensure timely calibration and compliance with your lean, six sigma and ISO quality standards.

Simple fast tracking RFID readers cover every angle.

The Intelliport® Lite has large RFID antennas surrounding the user which makes for extremely fast read-rates. It uses photo beam body mass indicators to detect users in the portal and allows for multiple users in the tool crib at the same time.

The latest trend-setting RFID technology

The Intelliport® uses modern Class 1, Gen-2, Passive RFID tags. This provides a wide-variety of tags for your unique application. Everything from very low cost paper tags or labels that are assigned by a RFID tag printer, to sophisticated metal tags that are as small as a pencil eraser. The flexibility provides for a robust solution that can provide for a diverse inventory.


Use your own existing employee badges, use your existing tools, use whatever brand of RFID tags you prefer to use. The IntelliPort® Lite system is brand agnostic and won’t lock your choices down.

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