Finally, an Easy Way to Manage Your Biggest Inventory Annoyance... Gloves! Buying more gloves is NOT the solution to insatiable glove consumption. No matter how often you reorder, somehow gloves just seem to evaporate into thin air, leaving you with an inventory nightmare! You are not alone. That’s why we built the EleVend®, the only glove vending solution in the world that doesn’t require re-packaging.

A Revolutionary Glove Vending Machine

The EleVend® is a very specialized PPE and glove dispenser that can vend almost any size or type of glove available on the market. It’s perfect for any industry because it can vend anything with a consistent thickness. You can vend large, bulky, and soft items which would be difficult or expensive to vend with other systems. This machine is absolutely going to revolutionize how you manage gloves, PPE items (Personal Protective Equipment), and safety supplies.

Cut Glove Consumption by 30% to 50% or more!

Yes. Really! Accountability is a beautiful thing… Gloves are one of the most misused, wasted and abused items in any industry. The EleVend® stops it COLD. Save big money and stop hording behavior. Access controls determine who has access to which glove inventory and when. Welders get welding gloves and machinists get machinist gloves. Control access by shift, daily or weekly allocation or other administrator specified criteria. Track employee usage by job number, work order or 10 other customizable fields.

Dispense Gloves at the Point-of-Use without Staffing

The EleVend® glove vending machine lets you dispense gloves at the point-of-use within easy reach of workers while still keeping tight control on your inventory. So you can provide 24/7 access to items and have complete shift coverage without staffing.

Inventory Management

EleVend® calculates and records the total number of items taken automatically! You’ll know exactly what inventory you have at any given time. What’s the secret? The EleVend® uses a dual lasers system to tracks inventory levels in each bin after every transaction.

Automatic Reorder Stops Inventory Stock-Outs!

The EleVend® monitors your supply levels in real time and AutoCrib® software automatically reorders when the minimum level is reached. You’ll even get alerts if any item hits a critical level. You can finally relax knowing you’ll always have what you need on hand.

Restock Gloves in Bulk

Gloves come in bulk so why not stock gloves in bulk? Simply transfer gloves by the stack straight from the box into the EleVend® without re-packaging. Want to vend latex, cotton or other gloves by the box? EleVend® is perfect for that as well.

Vend More than Just Gloves.

The EleVend® is perfect for securely dispensing other PPE items like: safety glasses, hard hats, welding sleeves, Tyvek suits, aprons, and more. You can even vend grinding wheels or physical kits in a box! EleVend® will dispense anything of consistent thickness with complete accuracy.

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